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Ghost Controls gate openers are the best automatic gate opener for sale. I created an expert blog about gate openers, and after all gate opener reviews, Ghost Controls gate opener reviews, as the #1 best heavy duty automatic electric and solar gate opener, for single family residential swing open style driveway gates, every time. If your driveway has a swing open type driveway gate entrance, and you are shopping to buy an automatic gate opener this “is the gate opener you want. Ghost Controls automatic gate opener reviews well and is the best automatic electric and solar gate opener. There was a need in the automatic gate opener industry for a reliable gate opener and Ghost Controls gate openers filled that demand when manufacturing heavy duty gate openers. “Ghost Controls is the best gate opener.” –  

3 Best Ghost Controls Gate Opener Models

Best Gate Opener

Gate opener for 800 pound 6Ft gates up to 300 pound 20Ft gates

Best Gate Opener

Gate opener for 1,000 pound 6Ft gates up to 350 pound 20Ft gates.

Architectural D

Best Gate Opener

Gate opener for 1,000 pound 8Ft gates up to 400 pound 20Ft gates

Ghost Controls gate openers has three gate opener models for sale. Gate openers vary by arm length and power in order to open up different driveway gate sizes, weights, and entrance gate lengths. Ghost Controls three gate opener models are; Heavy Duty T-Series, Architectural D-Series, and Ghost Pro H-Series. Ghost Controls automatic gate opener kits can be sold with one gate opener arm to open (1) one single swing gate, or with two gate openers to open (2) dual or “double” swing gates.  The gate opener kit can come with a solar panel, as an automatic solar gate opener, or without. Any gate opener accessories or solar panel can easily be added to the driveway automatic gate opener. Every Ghost Controls gate opener only runs on its 12v battery. Electricity or the solar panel are just a battery charger. Lets review the 3 Ghost Controls gate opener models T, D, and H, so you can select the right one today.

Ghost Controls Gate Opener Review Heavy Duty T

Ghost Controls Gate Opener “T”

Ghost Controls gate opener “Heavy Duty” T Series reviews EXCELLENT. Notice that even the initial Ghost Controls entry level gate opener is a “Heavy Duty” gate opener, and has higher power compared to most other gate opener brands. These are some of the most powerful, reliable, strongest, heavy duty automatic gate openers. Ghost Controls also has longer gate opener warranties. The driveway gate opening strength and gate opener arm length increase the next two models up. If your driveway entrance gate post columns are wide then you may need the next models mentioned because they are longer and that gives more clearance. Ghost Controls Heavy Duty T series gate opener kits can come with 1 gate opener to open one swing gate, or with two gate openers to open two driveway gates, also called double or dual gate openers. For example, if a gate opener kit includes the solar panel then the T model has different numbers and letters, after “T”.

Ghost Control automatic gate openers are amazing for opening heavy driveway gates, metal gates, chain link fence gates, farm agricultural field tube “tubular” pasture, agricultural, and field gates, or a side gates. People often forget to calculate the weight that wind adds to their gate and automatic gate openers. If you have a solid flat faced gate that catches a lot of wind and acts like a sail, or if you live in a very windy area, remember to consider wind strain factors, when determining what gate opener is best for your needs. According to Ghost Controls “No more than 30% of the surface area of your gate can be solid”, and doing so can void the gate opener warranty evidently. This is a residential “swing open” gate opener, and works good on non commercial agricultural field and side gate tube and chain link gates too. 


Ghost Controls TSS1XP Best Solar Automatic Gate Opener

Best Solar Gate Opener for 1 (one) swing open gate. Ghost Controls gate opener TSS1XP is the best solar gate opener for opening up one swing open gate.

Ghost Controls TDS2XP Best Solar Dual Automatic Gate Openers

Best Dual Solar Gate Opener for 2 (two) dual swing open type gates. Ghost Controls dual gate opener TD2XP is the best solar dual gate openers for opening up two gates.

Ghost Controls Gate Opener review Architectural D

Ghost controls Gate Opener “D”

Ghost Controls gate opener D series model reviews VERY well. As an indicator, the creator of uses this gate opener model, for his personal home driveway gate opener, which is a dual gate opener entrance, with two black aluminum metal gates. Ghost Control gate opener kits for D models can come with (1) automatic gate opener to open one driveway gate, or with (2) gate openers, to open dual swing gates, also referred to, as double or dual gate openers. This is a VERY heavy duty, reliable, strong, gate opener. This gate opener can open heavy gates, up to 1,000 pounds each gate, at 8 ft, or up to 20 ft gates, at 400 pounds each gate weight. 

If an item you want is not in the gate opener kit, then you can add Ghost Control gate opener accessories, solar panels, WIFI Smart gate opener brains, remotes, keypad intercom, and more, “it’s easy to add on”, at any time. Each item you need is mentioned below, after you decide what model you want… keep reading, and don’t miss what most gate opener buyers forget to buy, when they buy their gate opener, for their driveway gate entrance or field.

Ghost Controls single gate opener, or Ghost Controls dual gate opener for two gates , are incredible. Notice, that this model gate opener arm is a bit longer, than the shorter entry level model mentioned prior? The “Architectural” D series gate opener was made to reach further, from driveway pillars, columns, or posts, to the fancy nice custom “architectural” gate. Hence, the gate opener name “Architectural”. The longer reaching gate opener gives more clearance from the driveway entrance gate post, and works great for custom metal aluminum decorative luxury gates.     

Ghost Controls TSS1XP Best Solar Automatic Gate Opener

Best Solar Gate Opener for 1 (one) swing open gate. Ghost Controls gate opener TSS1XP is the best solar gate opener for opening up one swing open gate.

Ghost Controls Best Solar Dual Automatic Gate Opener 

Best Solar Dual Gate Opener for 2 dual swing open gates. Ghost Controls dual solar gate opener is the best solar gate opener for opening up dual swing gates. Ghost Controls often sells out of this model. This is the model that Editor uses for his personal home solar dual gate opener.

Ghost Controls Gate Opener review PRO H

Ghost controls Gate Opener “D”

Ghost Controls Gate Opener PRO H is Ghost Controls most powerful gate opener, with the longest gate opener arm, to swing open driveway gates, that have larger wider gate pillar columns. If you have wide columns a short gate opener arm may hit and bind when opening and closing the gate. Each gate opener model, that you have read about, increased in driveway gate opening power and gate opener length, to meet your needs, for the type of driveway entrance gate type you are building. For example, buying this automatic gate opener to open a small simple tube gate would made no sense. Mansion, million dollar, high end luxury home, driveway entrance gates, with wider gate post pillar columns should get this model. If you need two gate openers, then add two, when purchasing. Keep reading below to learn about things people forget to buy with their driveway automatic gate opener, and to add the solar panels etc if they were not in your kit. 

Ghost Controls Solar Gate Opener


Ghost Controls Gate Opener Solar Panel

Solar or electric Automatic gate openers?

Solar or electric automatic gate opener? The answer is solar. Here is why: Ghost Controls gate openers ONLY run on their 12 volts DC battery. So any incoming power is just a battery charger. You can charge that Ghost Controls gate opener battery with a solar panel or electricity. Solar is great, because it works immediately, at home, or in remote areas where there is no electricity. If you choose 110V electricity, “to charge a battery”, you may be digging trenches into the ground, buy hundreds of dollars of 110v electrical wire and conduit pipe, and connecting the gate opener, into a fuse box. Both methods charge a gate opener battery. Ghost Controls has a great gate opener battery box that seals closed and looks sharp, and it can hold 2 gate opener batteries. Also, in unique situations, you can connect automotive deep cycle batteries to Ghost Control gate openers if you need more power. Solar gate openers are the best gate openers, and Ghost Controls makes the best solar automatic gate opener. Every automatic gate opener, by Ghost Control, is able to have its battery charged by a solar panel. You can buy the solar gate opener with a solar panel, or you can buy the solar driveway gate opener by itself (without a solar panel) and add the solar panel upon purchase. 

Ghost Controls Dual Gate Opener

DUAL Gate Solar or electric gate Opener

Ghost controls Dual Gate Opener

Ghost Controls dual gate opener for opening two driveway gates are the best automatic double gate openers for sale, for residential swing open type driveway entrance gates. The editor, of (Hi that’s me) uses this exact auto double solar gate opener, to open double metal driveway aluminum metal entrance gates, at the gate entrance, to my personal home. Ghost Control double “dual” gate opener kits, that included the solar panel, were sold out of stock. So, while, buying the auto double gate opener I simply added the gate opener solar panel to the purchase, and it’s a solar double gate opener. Every Ghost Control gate opener only runs on its gate opener battery. You can charge the gate opener battery with a solar panel or electricity. If you open your double gates more than 20 times a day, and live somewhere with poor sunlight, then I suggest two things: Get a second solar panel (if you don’t use electric) and get a second battery, while purchasing, Ghost Controls dual gate opener. All gate opener items needed for your gated driveway entrance or field gates are for sale on this page. 

Ghost Controls Gate Opener Lock

Gate Opener Lock

Automatic Gate Opener Lock

Ghost Controls Gate Lock for Automatic Gate Openers AXZL ZombieLock Automatic 

Ghost Controls gate opener gate lock is incredible to see working. recommends buying the automatic gate opener lock AXZL ZombieLock. After you push your automatic gate opener remote button the additional heavy duty gate lock will lock or unlock the driveway or agricultural gates. We love having the extra driveway automatic gate lock.

Ghost Controls Gate Opener Keypad

Gate Opener Keypad

Ghost Controls Keypad

Ghost Controls Wireless Keypad for Automatic Driveway Gate Opener

Ghost Controls Gate Opener Keypad gate entry remote is a wireless driveway gate opener keypad. This automatic gate opener keypad, by Ghost Controls, is amazing and actually works! If you have ever used other brand “wireless” keypads, then you likely have had to push the buttons several times, in order, to open the driveway gate. The Ghost Controls gate opener keypad has worked the first time, every time, every time, that I have used one. It is all about your needs too. We installed this gate opener keypad remote, at our home, and it’s useful, for the monthly water maintenance company, pool cleaning company, and contractors, to open the secure driveway gate. To use this gate keypad a visitor, at your driveway gate, would need to know the secure code you made for them, in order, to open your gate. Family members will likely all have their own gate opener remote. Keep reading because the next sections expand into helpful tips you may really want.

Ghost Controls Smart Gate Opener

Vehicle Sensor

Gate Opener Sensor and Cable Wire

Cable for Automatic Gate Opener Systems. Ghost Controls AXXV Wired Vehicle Sensor with 55 ft.

Ghost Controls gate opener vehicle sensor comes as a wired gate opener sensor, or as a wireless gate opener sensor. Ghost Controls gate opener sensor can detect a vehicle and automatically trigger the gate opener to open the driveway gate so you can exit the property. This allows automatic exit from your property for any person, including contractors, visitors, family and friends, who do not have a Ghost Controls gate opener remote in their vehicles. The wired gate sensor comes prewired with a solid state relay output and 55 foot cable to connect to your Ghost Controls automatic gate opener system.

Ghost Controls Gate Opener Battery

Gate Opener Battery

Ghost Controls Gate Opener 2 Batteries with Nice Box

Ghost Controls Gate Lock for Automatic Gate Openers AXZL ZombieLock Automatic 

Ghost Controls ABBT2 Battery Box Kit (Kit with 2 Batteries)

Ghost Controls Gate Opener Remote

Get both of these… I am walking you through this. Read the blog and learn how this betters your life.

Gate Opener Remote

Ghost Controls Remote

Ghost Controls Remote for Automatic Gate Opener. Your gate opener kit may have 1 or 2 remotes. Remember to get enough for each person/family members you want having access to your gate.

A Must Have Outside Gate Remote

Water Resistant Remote

Ghost Controls Water Resistant Remote for Automatic Gate Opener. This is often put outside on a keypad type post by gate for visitors to exit or to prevent entrapment. Also goes great on ATV and Side by sides.

Many homes with gated entrance driveways have both Ghost Control gate opener remotes and the additional WIFI smart gate opener app type system, which has been surprisingly helpful, because I have needed to open the driveway gate, often, when not inside a personal vehicle. It’s common to be outside and not be inside a car for us. We also wanted there to be several ways to open the driveway gate and it made us feel more safe, too. We put a Ghost Controls gate opener remote in each vehicle and inside the house by the front door. Then, we installed the waterproof Ghost Controls gate opener remote outside, on the inside of the secure fenced yard, on a keypad type post, as an emergency exit. It works well for us. Walking the garbage out to the road? Did a stranger close the gate and entrap them self in your yard? That can potentially get bad fast liability wise. When you set your automatic gate opener up… you can set the gate opener to close automatically, after a certain amount of time. A lot of people do this option and the driveway gate closes automatically. That could mean a pool cleaner, or any visitor, with no gate opening remote is stuck entrapped in your yard. So they install the small post with a button. Some people love it. Some people hate it. At our home we chose the option to close the driveway gate ourselves by pushing the Ghost Controls remote a second time, to close the driveway gate. 

Gate Opener Accessories

Gate Opener Intercom

Driveway Gate Video Intercom

Driveway gate opener intercom and video audio security

Driveway Gate Intercom? Yes! If you do not buy this with your gate opener it’s a mistake. We put a RING “video” smart doorbell, next to the automatic gate opener keypad. When a visitor is at your driveway entrance gate … your phone has already beeped you with a security alert, before the stranger even pushed the doorbell button. You see their faces. You can screen visitors and it feels way more safe. I suggest spend the money and get the one here above too. Your mind will be blown what people see on the cameras. Everyone says that. From weirdos, coyotes, neighbors and or their dangerous dogs, to outright robberies. We also put an additional camera to see road traffic and record license plates. We live 30 minutes in the country, around agricultural land, down a one way dirt road, with great neighbors… and we have video recorded two robbery suspects the first year, homeless people standing in the road on their tippy toes looking for stuff to steal, and … it changed us. 

RING smart doorbell used at the driveway gate entrance works well when it can reach your WIFI. This  bundle includes Ring Video Doorbell 3 and Echo Show 5. It also can go through to your telephone screen and more. You receive mobile notifications when anyone presses your doorbell or triggers the motion detection sensors. Hence, stranger walks up and the motion sensor is beeping your telephone and you know someone is there, which made us feel much safer. If that goes off in the middle of the night we know something might be wrong. This, on its own, has been an item that opened up a separate journey worth the time. We ended up putting additional security cameras too. It may have saved our lives and we feel embarrassed we didn’t do this sooner. If you do not do this next item below while you buy your gate from here today you really are making a mistake. Please trust me and do it. Security cameras how you remember, or thought until right now, are over. Read below… This is why it’s so important. 

Driveway Entrance Gate Security Cameras

Gate Opener Camera

Driveway Gate Security Camera

Driveway gate opener intercom and video audio security

This is a must have driveway video camera security cam you need on your gate, by your gate opener, at the entrance and road to you. Not having this on your gate is a mistake. Buy it when buying your gate opener. It’s not about the gate camera. It’s about what happens to your life after getting this camera on your gate. There is no more blur. Any driveway gate entrance camera below 4k is not worth getting. This Lorex camera made my top of the line HD 1080 gate entrance security camera look like 1987. We literally put the other HD security gate cam in the garbage. This one here has COLOR night vision. Have you ever seen night vision in color? No more blurry video at night either. If you hit pause to read someone’s license plate you see every number and letter PERFECTLY. This gate entrance driveway home security system ALSO is compatible with Amazon Alexa (and Google Assistant) Voice Control, so it works WITH with your phone and the Echo device on the gate opener shopping list above. This is the best gate camera to buy with your Ghost Controls automatic gate opener kit.